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We Make Protecting Your License Easier in Georgia

Georgia driving driving with blurred vision in Georgia
If you've experienced a DUI in Atlanta, Georgia, the defensive driving classes at DUI South may be right for you. Our friendly staff is fully knowledgeable of the processes which occur after receiving a DUI and will work hard to ensure that you are placed in the classes you need. Our classes are designed to work towards seeing that your DUI does not have a serious penalty on your life or the lives of others. Our classes are also designed for those who are looking to lower their insurance premiums. If you want to lower your insurance premiums, defensive driving courses can get you one step closer to lower rates.

Defensive Driving Fees

Instructor at DUI South instructing defensive driving class
The fees associated with our defensive driving classes are broken down into two primary categories. Anyone who is attending in an effort to lower their car insurance premiums will be charged a rate of $40. All other attendees, whether attending for reinstatement of their license or for point reduction, are charged a rate of $95 for this course.

Defensive Driving School

Defensive driving example in Georgia
Our classes are regulated by the state of Georgia's DDS. Our staff can help you determine whether our classes are right for your needs.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

While defensive driving courses are not guaranteed to lower the premiums on your insurance, many insurance companies will lower the rate if you attend. Each insurance company is different. Many local insurance agents are familiar with our courses and should be able to tell you whether or not attending a class at DUI South is right for you.

Ticket Dismissal and Points Reduction

Georgia law allows for those with points on their license to take a defensive driving course every five years to reduce the points they have accumulated on their license.