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DUI Risk Reduction Program Information in Atlanta, GA

DUI South example of distracted driver in Georgia

DUI Risk Reduction Program Information

If you've recently been faced with DUI charges, our Georgia DUI risk reduction program and classes may be right for you. With two locations to choose from, DUI South is your premier provider of DUI courses. We follow all of the Georgia guidelines and utilize the Prime for Life curriculum.

DUI Class Fees

DUI class fees are set according to Georgia State Law in Atlanta. At DUI South, we provide an introductory assessment and DUI class for a total of $360. People who successfully fulfill twenty mandated hours of learning will leave with a legally recognized certificate stating their successful completion.

DUI or Controlled Substance Consequences

The consequences of being cited for DUI can be harsh. Often times, being arrested and convicted of a DUI leads to time in jail as well as the suspension of your license. First year offenders often lose their license for up to 180 days. On your second offense, your license can be suspended for up to a year with an increase of up to 5 years at your third offense. Triple offenders may be able to retrieve a temporary or provisional license during their 5 year suspension though harsh restrictions will apply.

The Assessment Component

Everyone who enters our program after receiving a DUI will begin with an entrance assessment. Assessments are mandated by the state and are required as part of the rehabilitation process.

Intervention Component

Our program is designed to educate about the dangers of driving under the influence and introduces attendees to a routine of healthy and safe habits.