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Q.Is DUI South approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (GA DDS)?
A. Yes, DUI South is certified by the GA DDS for both the Risk Reduction Program(20 Hour Class) and the Driver Improvement Clinic (6 hour class).

Q. Are your program fee's set by you or the GA DDS?
A. All schools certified by the GA DDS are required to charge a set fee of $360.00 for the Risk Reduction Program (20 hour DUI class). This fee can be divided into two payments allowing the student to pay $100(assessment fee) at time of enrollment and $260(intervention course fee) to be paid before starting class sessions on the first day

Q. When do I get my certificate?
A. Certificates for both Risk Reduction Programs and Defensive Driving classes are issued at the end of each session.

Q. Do you offer classes during the week?
A. No, Risk Reduction programs are offered only on weekends beginning Saturday mornings. All Risk Reduction sessions must be completed sequentially. However, we do offer the Driver Improvement program twice a month on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for 3 hours each night to complete the 6 hrs. Please check the calendar for these dates.

Q. How often are classes held?

A. Each school will offer the Risk Reduction class one weekend and the Driver improvement class the following weekend. DUI South will offer one of the classes every weekend. Check the calendar for site schedules.

Q. Can I take the DUI class or Driver Improvement program before I go to court.
A. Yes. State law will generally require the Risk reduction program if you are charged with a DUI even if the charges are reduced. However, we always recommend council from a DUI attorney before making any decisions. Drover improvement programs are used as a prerequisite for most PTI program participants to have violations dismissed or fines reduced. Again, we recommend counsel or advice from the court listed on the violation.

Q. Can I get reduced rates.
A. Course fees are set by the state and cannot be altered for both Risk reduction and Driver Improvement programs. However, the state does allow discounts to Driver Improvement programs taken for insurance reduction only. These are normally family and group discounted rates.

Q. Can I take my assessment the day the Risk Reduction class begin.
A. Assessments must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the class. Early morning class start times generally rule out same day assessments.